Strike A Pose – Refreshing My Wardrobe With Look Of The Day

This is a collaborative post

During both my pregnancies I have been spectacularly unimpressed with the maternity clothes on offer. Unless you like black, grey or stripes then there really isn’t much out there for you. This displeased me because really I much prefer the Spice Girl/ Willy Wonka look:

Both times it’s been a relief to finally be able to ditch the preggo clothes and go back to wearing what I want. Except I can’t because some stuff doesn’t fit…

Some stuff doesn’t allow you to get your milkers out easily and some stuff just doesn’t feel quite right any more. Luckily for me this time round the lovely fellas and fellarettes (?) at Look of the Day came to my rescue so I could get my hands on some new clobber without having to deprive the mini-mes of luxuries like nappies and food (selfish little tikes). Look of the Day’s website is packed full of clothes to suit all tastes and all incredibly reasonably priced. Here’s what I chose:

Navy Printed Floral Blazer

Look of the Day Blazer
My Club Tropicana look…

Black Crochet Trim Shirt Dress

Look of the Day black
Because we can’t always be a butterfly…

Wine Jersey Mini Wrap Dress

Look of the Day dress
Perfect autumn dress

Black Cable Knit Grandad Cardigan

Look of the Day Cardy
Even butterflies need a black cardy…

I also got a pair of jeans but didn’t include a photo because you know, they’re just jeans.

So, what’s new in your autumn/winter wardrobe?


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