Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Review

I was given the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker for the purpose of this review but all words, opinions and cupcakes are mine.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed doing with the Child is baking – I’m not much of a chef but I can mix eggs, butter, flour and sugar and produce a tasty cake. I’ve baked with the Child since she was teeny because it’s a good activity for passing the time (especially if you include a walk to the shops to get the ingredients) and I like eating cake. I have to admit though my cakes are more about flavour than appearance. In fact if you’ve been anywhere near my Instagram you’ll probably notice that I have two signature baking looks – drizzled or sprinkled!

55/100 Because pancakes aren’t the only way to use up eggs, sugar and flour…

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So when I was asked if I wanted to review a Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker I jumped at the chance. Could this be mine and the Child’s opportunity to perfect some profesh looking cupcake frosting?

In case you’re not in the know, the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker is the only unicorn-shaped chilled dessert/ frosting maker that helps you to decorate your desserts with a magical rainbow swirl. It retails at £14.99 and includes the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker, bUnicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Contentsowl, spatula, measuring spoons, dispenser, two reusable cones, two spoons, a horn sprinkle dispenser, sticker sheet and two recipe cards. One thing to note is that it doesn’t include any ingredients so stock up on icing sugar!

When the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker arrived the Child was so excited she made me unpack it and put it together right away (which was really easy and with no batteries required there will be no desperate scrabble for AAs on Christmas morning) even though we weren’t going to use it for a couple of days. Even empty it kept her entertained for an hour as she ‘made’ ice cream so I had a feeling we were on to a winner already (until she had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her take it to bed).

Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Whoops
Unicorn diarrhoea?

The recipe cards included were for chocolate mousses but the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker’s arrival coincided with the Child finding an old cake recipe book of mine so we decided to make marshmallow cupcakes (basically normal cupcakes but with a melted marshmallow in the middle) and add rainbow icing. For this I made my usual frosting which is a little looser than standard buttercream, especially when you add food colouring. It was a disaster – it was much too liquidy (is that a word?) and so there was no way the swirl would survive.

For our next attempt I made a much stiffer frosting and it worked really well. I added three quite thick layers of different coloured icing to the dispenser so I didn’t get the rainbow effect but I can see how you could achieve that if you did multiple thin layers of icing.Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Cakes

Using the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker was incredibly straightforward and the Child loved pushing down the dispenser and watching the swirl come out. It did require a lot of parental supervision (read – yelling STOP PUSHING every 30 seconds) but the Child is a good couple of years younger than the recommended 6+ age guide. She also loved adding/ eating the sprinkles although only the smallest of sprinkles would fit in the horn dispenser.

Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker ActionAll in all the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker was a great success and would make a fab present for any small child (as long as the parent doesn’t mind baking with them). It looks pretty and once you’ve mastered it is a fun way to make some colourful creations. It was such a hit here we’re actually going to use it at the Child’s birthday party next month as we’ve planned a decorate your own cake activity. What could possibly go wrong?




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