Guest Post: Ten Reasons You MUST Visit Disney World

Helping me take a break from this blogging lark whilst I get to grips with parenting two children is the lovely Faye from Glossy Tots. Faye’s blogs and vlogs detail her life with her five-year-old and all the testing, tears and tiaras that brings. I demand you check her out right now. NOW.

This guest post is all about her one true love – Disney and why you absolutely definitely should visit Disney World.


Visit Disney WorldI’m a Disney addict…. Ok I have admitted it. I am 28 years old and I LOVE Disney. Luckily I have a partner and 5-year-old who love Disney as much as me.

Disney world should be free for everyone at least once as it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should miss out on. I have been lucky enough to have gone three times and last time I got engaged whilst there which made it even more magical.

If you are on the edge about going and don’t know if it is worth the money, then hopefully these 10 reasons why you should visit will sway you.

1 It’s magical – you don’t have to act your age. You can be excited about everything around you including when Mickey Mouse speaks to you! When you step into Disney World, real life and your worries fly out of the window. I am the world’s worst worrier and I forget everything whilst I am there.

2 EVERYONE is happy – even the kids that don’t want to walk anymore can’t help but smile. I have never seen a tantrum or an argument in Disney World. The staff are so happy and are always there to help.

Visit Disney World Minnie Mouse3 Where else can you eat with Disney CharactersYou can get up close and personal with your favourite characters whilst eating your dinner. What’s more, there are no queues as they come to you and make eating a much more fun experience.

4 The rides are for all of the family – from the People Mover to Rock N Rollercoaster there are literally rides for everyone. If you are old or young, there will be a ride for you. Even babies.

5 The delicacies of Disney World – from Mickey Waffles to Dole Whips. There are so many foods that are signature foods in Disney World and they are all to die for.

6 The weather – if you go to places in Britain or Disney Land the weather won’t be as kind to you as it will be in Disney World! I have been in January, February and November. There is never a bad time to go, there will always be lots of sunshine.

7 Shopping at Disney World is pretty epic – imagine shopping at the Disney Store and then times it by a million. If you or a member of your family are Disney fans, then the shops in Disney World are where you need to be.

8 Seasonal Holidays – Disney doesn’t do Christmas, Halloween or the 4th of July by halves. They go to town. If you love these seasons at home, you need to visit Disney World at these times of year. They go all out with the seasonal parties and they are great fun.Visit Disney World Celebration

9 Parades – if you’re not into rides and think that Disney is all about the rides and characters think again. On average there are 3 different parades/street parties or performances a day in EACH park. Yep that’s a lot of different things to see.

10 There is something for everyone. There is Animal Kingdom which, you guessed it, is full of animals. Hollywood Studios with some amazing shops, theatres and, if you’re a Star Wars lover, this is the park for you. Magic Kingdom has princesses, fantasy, fun. Disney Springs for shopping and food. And don’t forget Disney’s water parks that are also included in your tickets.

So there you have it. If this isn’t enough reasons for you to go then you are a complete lost cause. I love Disney World and I defy anyone to go and tell me they don’t feel the same.

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