Sondrew Travel Changing Station Review

I was given the Sondrew Travel Changing Station for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

I’ve mentioned before how lucky we are to live right by the beach, especially in the summer, and since the Newbie’s been born it has been as absolute God send.

The Child was born in the depth of winter so getting out and about wasn’t always easy or possible (newborns don’t tend to like icy gale force winds blowing in their faces – weaklings). Luckily having a summer baby this time round has meant we’ve been able to spend a lot more time outside where it’s easier to wear out a toddler and keep a newborn in their preferred state of perpetual motion.

Of course leaving the house with a newborn even when the sun is shining is never simply what with all the decisions you need to make about parasols and sun cream and where the bloody hell is his hat on top of extreme sleep deprivation. It’s enough to make you reminisce fondly about when you only had a toddler to take out and that way madness lies. And then once you do get out you’re having to wrestle a whinging toddler passed the ice-cream van whilst dealing with the Newbie’s crying and feeding and pooping (seriously, is it really necessary to poo so much – it just seems like a classic case of second child attention seeking to me).

Baby Shower Gift Guide Travel Changing Mat 2Fortunately for us the stress of dealing with a nappy change whilst we’re out and about has been made a lot easier by the Sondrew Travel Changing Station. When we do venture out to the beach we’re never out for very long because, well sanity, so having to lug the full changing bag around with us is an unnecessary hassle. With the Sondrew Travel Changing Station you don’t need to as there is the space for all the essentials (not that a two day old apple core, the latest gas bill and thirty vests aren’t essential sometimes) and a detachable changing mat. The design includes a good number of compartments too which means you’re not having to fumble around too long looking for the nappy bag whilst trying to avoid smearing the poonami any further up your arm. Sondrew Travel Changing Station Out and AboutThe other natty thing is the Sondrew Travel Changing Station clips to the handle of your pram so not only is it in easy reach but it’s not swinging precariously into your already tender groin.

I also found the Sondrew Travel Changing Station really handy to put in my hospital bag as whilst it is compact, there was enough space to pack all those immediate post-birth essentials – a couple of nappies, wipes, nappy bags, baby clothes, breast pads and maternity pads (glamour) – so they were in easy reach rather than the Husband and I having to rummage in blind panic and exhaustion for the teeny tiny scratch mitts. It will also come in handy on long road trips to see family as it fits inside most regular changing bags meaning everything is in easy reach for those service station changes.

Baby Shower Gift Guide Sondrew Travel Changing StationRetailing at from just £11.99 the Sondrew Travel Changing Station is a really good value for money and the stylish black and white design means it won’t look out of place fixed to the handle of any pram or snuggled in any changing bag. Available from Sondrew’s website and Amazon the Sondrew Travel Changing Station is definitely something I’d recommend to all new or soon-to-be new parents to make at least one part of parenthood that little bit easier.

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