Tarquin and Troops Printable Posters Review and Competition

I was given five Tarquin and Troops posters for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

One of the main jobs we needed to get done in our house before Bubba T2 arrives was to move the Child from the nursery into what was once the spare room. We wanted to do it early on in the pregnancy so she didn’t associate him arriving with turfing her out of her queendom. In the end we needn’t have worried as she absolutely adored her bedroom from the beginning. In fact, when one time I tried to get her to do as she was told by threatening to send her to her room she happily took herself off there and played for an hour and half. It wasn’t technically a victory on my part but I got some peace and quiet so, meh.

Anyway after the Child made the move we realised how shabby the nursery looked. Nearly all of the pictures we had up featured the Child’s name and/or date of birth so they obviously moved across to the new room leaving the nursery depressingly bare. The nursery had always had a loose animal theme with zoo animal curtains and a A-Z picture that remained. At one point the Husband had grand ideas of painting a jungle mural but seeing as it took us four years to put up a washing line the mural was never going to happen. I had started looking at a few prints but we needed two or three new ones to freshen the room up and they all seemed quite pricey. So, when Tarquin and Troops got in touch offering me five posters in return for a review I jumped at the chance.

Tarquin and Troops has recently been set up by Asif, who has designed the 34 posters available. All the posters feature animals from around the world (so perfect for our nursery) with the vast majority wearing a variety of uniforms so they’re a little different from the usual children’s prints and posters available. I love the clean, simply and quirky design and each character is accompanied by a back story to really bring the Tarquin and Troops world alive. My favourite was Tarquin the Geezer Elephant:

“Tarquin the Elephant is a funny old geezer. Ducking and diving around Plumstead East London, he is often seen unloading his van at the market for a quick sale of the latest must have toys and mobile phones then going off to the cafe for a full plate of egg and chips. Always down the pub in the evening and the snooker hall with his mates, he’s the life and soul of the party.” 

The other unique thing about Tarquin and Troops is that once purchased you download and print off the posters yourself (although for the purpose of this review I was sent printed versions) which keeps the price of them down to a bargain £4.80 each. Even taking into consideration printing and framing costs (the posters are A4 size so easy to find cheap frames – mine cost £3.29 each) you’re still looking at spending less than £10 per print. It’s a deal worthy of Tarquin the Elephant.

I was given 5 posters to review and chose Tarquin the Elephant, Cassandra the Cassowary Opera Singer, Monty the Macaque Monkey Lollipop Man, Chef Seymour the Snake and Bernard the Bengal Tiger Bus Conductor.

Photo credit Tarquin and Troops


I did mention to Asif that I was a little disappointed about the lack of female characters to choose from as Cassandra was the only one in the crew but having visited the site again today I can see at least one new female character has appeared. That’s why I love independent designers and retailers – they’re so much more receptive to feedback and can respond incredibly quickly.

The original plan was for all five prints to go in the nursery but as soon as the Child saw Cassandra she was smitten so I let her have two for her new bedroom. Tarquin and Troops PairIt was at this point that I realised the Child now knows the concept of three being more than two and a long argument ensued over why she got fewer than the baby when she’s bigger and she is three. I’m not going to lie, there were tears but thems the breaks kid. Being the oldest doesn’t always work in your favour.

The posters look absolutely fab up on the walls of both bedrooms and brightened up the nursery in particular. I have hung them opposite the changing unit so Bubba T2 can look at them when he’s getting his undercrackers changed. Tarquin and Troops TripletThat should stop him peeing everywhere right? Right? They’d also make really nice gifts if you’re looking for something different. All in all I’d heartily recommend Tarquin and Troops printable posters as an affordable and unique way to brighten up any space.

If you’d like to get your hands on your choice of Tarquin and Troops posters then enter my competition where two people will win three posters to download and print at home (or take get a print shop to do for you). Entering is easy, just follow the steps below:

Win Three Tarquin and Troops Printable Posters

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