Baby Shower Gift Guide and Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Competition

I was sent all the items in this baby shower gift guide for the purpose of review but all words and opinions are my own.

Whether you think baby showers are a lovely celebration of impending parenthood or present-grabbing American import, the baby shower is definitely a permanent fixture. Although I didn’t have a Baby Shower last time round and I’m not planning to have one this time either (unless someone has planned a surprise one, in which case I demand presents and cake and cake presents) I’ve attended a fair few in my time and the baby shower gift buying scenario can get a little tricky. Every one I’ve attended has stipulated that gifts are not necessary but it takes a braver soul than me to turn up empty handed. So as a mum-to-be and to help ease any potential awkwardness of you turning up with 6-pack of beer, condoms and some feminine hygiene wipes because you panicked at the petrol station on the way over I’ve compiled the following baby shower gift guide. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration for even the most bijou of budgets.

Oh and don’t forget to enter the competition at the end of this post for your chance to win some baby goodies.

Teddy Bear Linen Storage Basket, La Petite Maison Blanc: £16.50

Baby Shower Gift Guide Linen Basket 2This cute basket measures 15cms and the gorgeous felt bear on the front (available in blue, pink and neutral colours) make it a really lovely little present. Baby Shower Gift Guide Linen BasketWhilst it would make a totally acceptable baby shower gift on it’s own I think it would be even more gorgeous if you popped some mum-to-be or new-mum toiletries in it because hello we’re doing all the hard work over here. You can also get this basket personalised so if the name is public knowledge then let the good times roll.

Bobby the Bear Rattle, £9.99

Baby Shower Gift Guide Rattle BearIf the mum-to-be is on a budget (which 99% of mums-to-be are because mat-pay ain’t much to write home about) and is anything like me (scary thought) then the likelihood is she will focus most of her baby-item buying on the necessities and swerve the cuter, cuddlier items. Baby Shower Gift Guide Rattle Bear 2And that’s where you can swoop in and give this gorgeous bear rattle. Suitable from birth this little guy would make a lovely gift and it’s small enough that you’re not that annoying person who buys a giant cuddly monkey that takes up the entire nursery. In fact, I’m going to pop this little guy in my hospital bag (which according to all the random emails I get I should be packing this week. Wtf? I’m not caught up on Neighbours yet) so Bubba T2 has something to keep him company in the hospital cot he’ll look so tiny in (because he will be tiny, with a very small head).

Pregnancy for Men: The Whole Nine Months, Mark Woods: £8.05

Baby Shower Gift Guide Pregnancy for MenThis may come as a shock to some of you but having a baby isn’t all about the sheilas. If there is a man or men about the house then include them in the revelry with this guide specifically for them. Going through the pregnancy and beyond month by month, it talks frankly and with humour about each stage of the ‘journey’ and how best the menfolk can support those with a human growing in their uterus. In all honesty my husband found this book a little ‘blokey’ in tone and he didn’t like that babies were always referred to as ‘he’ (which I didn’t notice so props to the Husband) but I actually thought it was well-written. I also liked that it discussed things like how your relationship might change during pregnancy and parenthood and the additional emotional support many women need during this time. For a first-time father, I think it would make a great gift.

Travel Changing Mat, Sondrew: £13.99

Baby Shower Gift Guide Travel Changing Mat 2With a large padded changing mat and lots of compartments for nappies, wipes and other necessary bum cleaning paraphernalia this compact changing mat and organiser is perfect for when you don’t want to lug a full changing bag around with you.Baby Shower Gift Guide Travel Changing Mat It even has clips so you can attach it to your pram for easy access. It would also be great to slip into your changing bag or to keep in the car so you’re not having to dig around for a nappy during a public poonami incident. Again this is something I don’t think a mum-to-be would necessarily think to buy for herself but would be one of those items she’d use everyday.

Clothing Cupcakes, Mum and Me Baby Gifts: £19.99

Baby Shower Gift Guide CupcakesAnyone that has ever been to a baby shower will know that cake plays a big part in the celebrations. So why not give a nod to the pregnant woman’s elixir of life with this set.Baby Shower Gift Guide Cupcakes 3 This perfectly packaged gift includes one short-sleeved bodysuit, two pairs of socks, one pair of mitts, one bib and one muslin square and is available in blue, pink and yellow. These newborn essentials are good quality and the packaging looks so good you don’t have to worry about wrapping it #winning.

Kinder by Nature Natural Unscented Wipes, Jackson Reece: £1.60 approx.

Baby Shower Gift Guide Baby WipesWhen I was pregnant the first time I bought one packet of baby wipes and nappies and thought I was prepared. Little did I know the literal shit storm that was about to come out of my nether regions. Sure a baby shower is a time where you can indulge the mum-to-be with all sorts of teeny tiny cute outfits but you can also go super practical as well and know she’ll thank you when she’s up to her elbows in bodily fluids at 3am (and 4am and 5am). Baby Shower Gift Guide Baby Wipes 2Jackson Reece’s Kinder by Nature Natural Unscented Wipes are award-winning and contain no nasty chemicals or alcohol so are gentle enough to use from the early days. You could even put together a gift pack by combining the wipes with some of their other products such as their baby shampoo, body wash and moisturiser. In fact, the lovely folks at Jackson Reece are giving away just such a thing in my competition which you can enter at the end of this post.

Starter Set, Nuu Addition: £85

Baby Shower Gift Guide Hamper 4If you’re still struggling to decided what to buy old preggo and you’ve got a bit more money to spend then you can’t go far wrong with the starter set. Baby Shower Gift Guide Hamper 3Available in blue or pink and containing one hooded towel, one shawl, one sleepsuit, one hat, one pair of booties, one baby blanket, one silk hanger, three flannels, three vests, seven bibs, one changing mat, one pack of nappies, a jar of nappy cream, a box of nappy bags, a packet of baby wipes and two dummies it really does include all the essential items new parents need to get them started, both practical and cute. All the items are excellent quality. I particularly love the shawl which I’ll be taking to the hospital with me and any changing mat with the words ‘poo’, ‘wee’ and ‘bum’ on is a winner with me.Baby Shower Gift Guide Hamper It arrives in a satisfyingly large box which are always a pleasure to receive – I was literally giddy opening it and unpacking everything inside. This would also be a good buy for a work’s collection or if a group of friends wanted to club together and takes away the hassle of pulling all the items together yourself.

So there you have it, my baby shower gift guide – I hope it’s been useful in helping you find the perfect gift for that knocked-up beauty in your life.

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OMG It’s Competition Time

Whether you’re buying for parents-to-be, are one yourself or just like a good baby wipe (who doesn’t?) then enter my competition below for your chance to win a smorgasbord of Jackson Reece’s Kinder by Nature products including their Natural Herbal and Natural Unscented baby wipes,Nose Nuzzles, Mucky Mitts, Shampoo, Body Wash and Moisturiser.

Baby Shower Gift Guide Competition

Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Giveaway

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  1. Loupat44

    Such a great idea as I know a lot of people who really struggle with gift ideas. I was the first of my uni friends to have a baby so a lot of my friends had never been to one and mine was a surprise shower so couldn’t even ask what I needed or wanted and the person who organised it didn’t know either. So I ended up with a lot of nappies and gift vouchers ( which were great for buying bits I still needed) nappies not so great as if someone had asked they would have known I was using reusable nappies. So having a list for people to go to is a great idea to save someone getting stuff that won’t be used and then feel bad for not using them.

  2. Not your best *ever* gift guide, a little too useful for my liking, needs more reusable crotch mattresses and ear plugs. You’ve already had your gift from my BTW, I hope that’s OK with you like.

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