Geronimo Festival 2017: Ten Things We Learnt

We were given Geronimo Festival Tickets in exchange for this post but all words and opinions are my own.

This time last week we were in the midst of Geronimo Festival. If you read my previous post on the largest UK Children’s festival you know that it involved us camping for the first time. As expected the Festival was amazing (although I didn’t get to meet my one true love Mr Bloom) and surprisingly the camping wasn’t too bad either. In fact, I rather enjoyed it (for two nights anyway let’s not get too carried away). But as this is our second time at Geronimo Festival I have learnt a few things which are worth bearing in mind if you pootle along next year.

1 Be realistic

Choose a maximum of two or three ‘must-see’ things you want to do/ see but let the rest of the day be spontaneous. The beauty of Geronimo is that there is so much going on but if you plan your schedule too rigidly you’ll inevitably end up disappointed that you didn’t see everything you wanted to and miss out on some cracking stuff. Geronimo Festival circusOne our favourite parts of the weekend was Cirque Du Hilarious, which we only saw because we were walking passed the tent when it started to rain.

2 Go for more than one day

If you are determined to see ‘everything’ then definitely go for more than one day, just be prepared for your child to want to do the same thing more than once #playdohtent. I would definitely recommend camping, not least because you avoid the queues to get in. Plus with showers, campsite shop and an amazing food van it is a lot less stressful and feral an experience than I was expecting.

3 Expect queues

This is the second year we’ve been to Geronimo Festival and both years we’ve read/ overheard people complaining about the queues. But honestly, what do you expect? Thousands of families wanting to do exactly the same thing as you in a limited space of time. And actually I don’t think the queues have ever been excessive. The longest we waited this year was for face-painting and it was me that got fed up not the Child.Geronimo Festival face painting If you really want to avoid the queues then do the popular stuff early or late (the Festival is open until 6pm but it quietens down after about 4.00pm) or wait until the CBeebies lot are doing their thing as most people will be watching them.

4 It’s all about the kids

This may be an obvious one but literally nothing about your day(s) at Geronimo Festival are about you. Just accept it before you go and it will make everyone’s life easier.

5 Treat yourself

Whilst your needs are definitely secondary during the Festival make sure you give yourself something to look forward to whether that’s a bottle of wine when you get home, a massive sausage at lunchtime or elbowing your way to the front for Mr Bloom [insert massive sausage joke here].

6 You can’t choose what your kids will enjoy

You might think your offspring will get giddy at the Shetland Pony Grand National or cry tears of joy at Mr Tumble but they probably won’t because kids are little shits funny like that. The Child’s favourite things this time round were the Play Doh tent, helter skelter and having an ice-cream. Geronimo Festival helter skelterLiterally all things we could have done at home or down the road at Southport but let’s not dwell on that…

7 You don’t have to spend money but you probably will

It is totally feasible not to spend any additional money once you’re in the Festival as all the entertainment is included with entry. In fact last year we pretty much didn’t but that was mainly because the Child wasn’t at the nagging until our ears bleed stage. If you’re prepared to say no to the ice-creams and face-painting and fairground rides then your money is safe.

8 Be prepared for all weathers

It’s the UK, it’s Bank Holiday, you’re going to get sun burnt and trench foot so pack your mac and sun hat.

9 Don’t rely on the map

We found the map pretty basic because let’s face it you’re in a field. It also contained a handy little disclaimer saying that things were likely to move so yeah just forget the map and figure out where things are for yourself (or ask one of the lovely people working).Geronimo Festival entertainment

10 Phone signal is not guaranteed

Everybody panic there’s no signal. Or you know just arrange somewhere to meet if you do get separated unless you’re just looking to escape to the bar that is.

Remember kids we were given Geronimo Tickets in exchange for this post but all words and opinions are my own.

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