Making New Memories With Oak Furniture

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

Fourteen years ago, when I was 18, I left home to go to Uni and then never really went back aside from during the odd holiday or when I needed a bit of TLC. For the last ten years I’ve literally lived at the opposite end of the country to my parents, first in Durham and now in Liverpool. Pre-kids it was fine but when the Child arrived we realised how far away we were from both our families. But with Bubba T2 it will be different because this week my parents are moving to Liverpool. That’s right, after twenty years of living the high-life in the South East they’ve up-sticks and landed less than a mile away from us. Not only does that mean we have more ready access to babysitting (I’ve already made our first booking) but it means I get to live my decorating and furnishing dreams vicariously through my parents without any of the upheaval or expense – perfect.

One thing that was really important for my parents was making sure the house was big and comfortable enough for family to stay whenever they liked. My brothers, nieces and nephew, Nan and a multitude of aunties, uncles and cousins still live in the South East so the house needs to feel welcoming and like a ‘home away from home’. Luckily the parentals found a perfect house on their first house-hunting trip and, as I type, they are moving their belongings into a bigger house than the one they’ve left (I’m not quite sure how that fits with the ‘down-sizing’ idea) with two spare bedrooms to redecorate and furnish. So now my imagination and creativity can run wild!

When I plan to redecorate a room I always think of it in layers. The first is obviously what goes on the walls. We live by the sea so I love coastal blues, greens and creams. children's bedroom ideasWe recently moved the Child into her big girl bedroom and chose a lovely calming blue colour for the wall, which I think would look gorgeous in a spare room.

The second layer of a room is the furniture¬†and both my parents and I love oak furniture. It’s modern and stylish but still has a classic feel that will never look dated. oak furnitureI particularly like the bedroom range of oak furniture from Lifestyle Furniture where there are enough varieties of oak furniture to suit all styles of home.

Thirdly, I think about the soft furnishings and in a bedroom that has to be curtains and bedding. I’ve always loved nice crisp white bedding, but with a dog, a cat, a child with sticky fingers and a soon-to-be born baby, who if he’s anything like his sister, will spend his first few months vomiting on everything, it’s not practical. white beddingMy parents on the other hand don’t have any such restrictions so I’m hoping they’ll embrace the white.

Finally, you need the finishing touches – bedroom tulipspictures, a mirror and always a lovely fresh bunch of flowers. What could be nicer?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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