Happy First Blogiversary To Me

One year ago today, on the last day of my holiday in Vancouver, I got up early and set up this little blog. I’d been thinking about it for a few weeks, had a name and an idea so thought “screw it” and did it. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but the plan was that it would help me write regularly again. I’d always loved writing and even studied it at Uni but I’m a lazy mare and when it came to it I just never made the time. My first love is script-writing but the problem with that is it is soul-destroying. You pour all your energy into crafting a script that you think is hilarious/ heart-breaking/ unique/ award-winning/ life-changing/ money-making/ career defining… well you get the picture, you send it off and then nothing. Sometimes you don’t hear for months, most of the time you don’t hear anything and always it’s a rejection. And then that script you spent months on just sits on your computer. Being shit. But with a blog you could write it, hit publish and then it was there for anyone and everyone (ha) to read. I wasn’t completely stupid I knew thousands wouldn’t flock to read my lists but someone might and that could be enough to get me writing regularly again.

Well it worked. I hit publish on my first post and someone read it. 4 people read it to be precise. Not 4 people on the first day. 4 people in total. But I wrote it and then I wrote again the next week and 284 people have read that one. I learnt a valuable lesson – people prefer reading about dry-retching to Mr Tumble then telling Netmums to fuck off. But I kept writing and I kept hitting publish. My aim was to publish once a week and I’ve pretty much done that, sometimes more if there’s been nowt good on telly (I’m still a lazy mare).

Well actually my aim was to publish once a week and spend the rest of my time writing that super awesome three-part script that would be perfect for BBC2. But that hasn’t happened because it turns out that blogging takes up a lot of bloody time (plus I have a job and a child and blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses). Over the last year I’ve learned that actually writing is a tiny part of blogging. You’ve got to promote yourself too otherwise, shock horror, no one knows you exist. So I’ve spent a lot of my time over the last year faffing around on social media building up a mediocre following of generally disinterested people. But I have also met some lovely people along the way who I now consider friends. They were among the first people I told when I was pregnant, when I might lose my job, when people I loved died and they have cheered, congratulated and consoled me every single day.

So here’s to year two. I didn’t think I’d make it but I have and I thought it would be fitting to mark it with a list of ten because otherwise the whole concept of this blog kind of falls apart. This list of ten is things I want to achieve over the next year of blogging and writing. You could say it’s a goal board (PM me hun) but don’t because that makes us both sound like tits.

1. Nominate myself for an award because charity starts at home. This is cheating a bit because I’ve already nominated myself for two and you could do the same. What’s that you ask? Was this post just an elaborate pitch for votes for the Northern Blog Awards (Best Newcomer and/or Best Parenting Blog please) and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2017 (Fresh Voice)? Well maybe it was, Sherlock.

2. Register as self-employed and give freelancing a go.

3. Make some money. Some people lament that that’s not the true reason to blog but I like fancy things like food and heating and diamond shoes.

4. Get 5000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go on help an old gal out.

5. Write a children’s book. I’ve got an idea I just need to actually pull my finger out and write it but that involves effort *wails uncontrollably at the unfairness of life*.

6 Do my first vlog. My face may be made for radio but my ego’s made for YouTube.

7 Stir up controversy. Do you know I’ve not been trolled once this last year? I want to get some hackles up but not too much, I’m a sensitive flower really.

8 Get some confidence in my writing so I can say “yeah I wrote that and I think it’s a bit good actually”

9 Make it to my second blogiversary

10 Learn to count to eleven…

So join me this time next year to see how many of these I’ve done and how many excuses I come up with for not doing them. I know, exciting stuff.


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  1. This is great & it made me laugh. No 6 I love it! Yeah surprising how much other stuff it takes to blog isn’t it? Just more to be proud of yourself for achieving in that 1st year blogging though. Mine is one on May 27th 2017 and I’m far more chuffed about it than I thought I would be!

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