#100DaysofHappiness Round-up

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have noticed that I’ve been doing the #100DaysofHappiness challenge, which involves posting a photo every day for 100 days (well duh) that makes you happy. It’s been quite a hundred days for me – I’ve faced redundancy and a pay cut, announced I’m pregnant and found out we’re having a boy and Dee came back from the dead in Neighbours and then we discovered she was in fact a fraud (that was a traumatic couple of weeks).

I have to admit I wasn’t entirely successful in completing the challenge as technically I should have finished last week but some days weren’t that happy I guess, or at the very least  too dull to photograph. But finishing late is better than not finishing at all and I thought I’d celebrate the end of the challenge by sharing my ten favourite #100DaysofHappiness.

Ah Liverpool my adopted home. I love this City and its people and couldn’t wish for a better place for my children to grow up in.

 I had to include my pregnancy announcement. Hard to believe that in another 100 days Bubba T will either be here or fashionably late.

 You may think differently but for me the last year has been a political shit storm. Taking part in Liverpool’s Solidarity Women’s March made me feel powerful and that not all hope is lost. It was bloody freezing though.

 The Child absolutely adores these two and often refers to them as her sister cousins. I can’t wait to see the mischief these three get up to in their teenage years.

 More beach love. Nothing quite beats a morning walk on the sand even if you do spend it trying to convince a toddler and a dog not to go in the sea.


 The Child has so much love for her baby brother all ready and is so excited to meet him. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind being told what to do or there will be many arguments!

75/100 Part one done. #100daysofhappiness #100happydays #day75 #keepthesecrets

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 First ever break away together without the Child and we spend it geeking with Harry Potter. What’s not to love?

 Last Mother’s Day as mum of one, which means double presents next year. Score.

 I’ve included this one not so much for the photo but because it marked the day the Child finally pooped on the toilet. There have been a couple of night-time nappy accidents since (including a rather spectacular poonami whilst I was writing this post) but we’re calling it a win.

So far our summer has pretty much consisted of this one weekend but we made the most of it by having a good old fashioned day at the seaside with sand castles, ice-creams and the fun fair. Hopefully it will warm up again soon.

So there we have it my #100DaysofHappiness are over and I never have to find the positive again. Thank fook for that.

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