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This is a sponsored post by Bidvine but all words and opinions are my own.

Four years ago we bought our first house; a Victorian seaside terrace cottage. It’s got all the quirks you’d expect of a 130 year old property. Some good – fireplaces, high ceilings and that all important character. Some bad – damp, single glazing and the original roof that might as well have been a bit of tin foil hammered to the joists. We had grand plans of doing it up but I was four months pregnant when we finally got the keys and it turned out there wasn’t a money tree in the back garden.

We have made some progress on the boring, nobody is going to notice but essential jobs – we’ve got a new roof, a new boiler, we’ve made a start on replastering and recarpeting and there’s a few more double-glazed windows keeping the coastal wind out. We also splashed out on a new kitchen last year, which I love (as long as you don’t look at the 1970s faux pine ceiling). But each time it’s felt like we’ve lurched from job to job. We’re relatively new to the area and having always rented before never had to bother with finding someone to do a job. We’ve relied mainly on luck and a few recommendations but that always involves lots of ringing around which is time-consuming and quite frankly I’d rather be eating Monster Munch in front of Neighbours then pretending I know about damp proof coursing.

Bidvine Trusted Local Service Professionals
The website looks great and is really easy to use

So when I was contacted by Bidvine about their website that matches up your requirements to trusted local service professionals it sounded like a great solution. Their website is really simply to use and just by putting in a few details about what you’re looking for int

I decided to give it a try for our next big job – sorting out the bedrooms ready for Bubba T2’s arrival in July. We’re moving the Child into what is currently our spare room and then the nursery can stay the nursery. This will involve three types of jobs:

1. Decorating

Bidvine decorating services
Monster claws apparently…

We’d only planned on repainting the Child’s new room because you know Neglected Second Child Syndrome but then the Child when all Banksy on us rather than being asleep and now that room needs a fresh lick too. Usually we decorate ourselves but I’m beginning to come to terms with my limitations (and the Husband’s) and think we’ll opt for a professional this time for quality and speed.

2. Carpet Fitting and Cleaning

We had a new carpet fitted in the nursery last year but after 12 months of been pooped and peed on it is in need of a good clean. The Child’s new room had the original wooden floor down which sounds nice but it’s not, so a new carpet is in order.

3. Furniture building and general handiness

Now, I do have a confession to make – I love putting together flat pack furniture and I’m pretty darn good at it. But pregnancy does weird things to you and I discovered I didn’t love it quite so much when putting together the Child’s cot at 8 months pregnant. Tears were shed. Marriages were tested. Biscuits were inhaled by the fistful. So this time it seems prudent to hire someone to do it so all I have to do is make the tea. In fact, there is even an option to search for ‘IKEA Furniture Assembly’ on Bidvine, which let’s face it is where I’m going to buy the furniture from. Also a potential new career for me when I’m not hormonal from growing a human.

Spare Room
The Child’s soon-to-be room. I was going to remove the drying washing and other crap but then meh.

Using Bidvine to search for trusted local service professionals was really easy. You type in what you’re looking for, select the most appropriate option from the drop down list and enter your postcode. You’re then asked a series of questions to help determine the best people for your job and to help them quote. Questions like the size of the room, condition of the walls, whether you can provide your own materials etc. Then you just set up an account and you’re away. Interested tradespeople can then submit bids/ quotes for the jobs through the site and you can go from there. Quick, straightforward and hassle-free. Perfect.

The other great thing is the sheer range of services that are provided by Bidvine’s users so you can use it to look for wedding photographers, Spanish lessons, personal trainers, pregnancy massage (hint hint Husband, Mother’s Day is coming up)etc. Basically whenever you’re looking for someone to do something then Bidvine can find them and I would definitely recommend giving the website a try.

This is a sponsored post


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