Ten Things I Learnt at Blogfest 2016

If you were anywhere near me on social media over the weekend you’ll have noticed I went to Blogfest 2016 – a Mumsnet hosted conference dedicated to blogging. I was definitely a little fish in a big pond but luckily some Giant Koi Carps kept me company (this is a weird metaphor – apologies). It was a long, exhausting but thought-provoking day surrounded by some of my favourite writers (see above fish metaphor) and ending with free booze (possibly the reason for above fish metaphor). I did kind of hope I would come out with some definite things to do to make this blog and my writing better (perhaps given in a list of ten, I hear they’re awesome)but I didn’t. I did however learn some things, so without further ado (or fish) here are the ten things I learnt at Blogfest 2016.

1.No bloggers were truckers called Dave. It turns out if you tell your Mum you’re going to London to hang out with some strangers you met on the internet¬†and share a flat with a few of them, she worries. Mainly that they’ve created an elaborate (VERY elaborate) online persona in order to sex traffic you out of the country. Why someone would want to sex traffic a 30-something mum with a wobbly tummy and a heightened sarcasm gland I don’t know. But Mums will worry.

2.If you try and get two different lunch options on the same plate the woman serving the noodles will look at you like she wants to stab you.

3. Davina McCall will almost make you cry. I can’t remember why exactly but she will.

4. Frances Taylor of Whinge Whinge Wine is the shit (and Best Comic Writer). Although I did know that anyway.

5. You can make your ticket cost back in sweets.

You can make your ticket price back in sweets at Blogfest 2016

6. You’ll probably forget to take any decent photos, except of yourself.

7. Sometimes you have to pick up your AirBnB key off a random in an off-licence. Sometimes it takes you twenty minutes to open the front door because of all the bloody keys. And sometimes there is not even a TV (I mean seriously WTF).

8. Certain goody bag contributors are less generous than others *cough* Aveeno *cough*.

Blogfest 2016 Goody Bag, some things were bigger than others

9. Ed Balls definitely shaves his chest.

Ed Balls' Think Bomb at Blogfest 2016 minus chest hair

10. A cheap bowl of spag bol is the perfect antidote to free Prosecco and cocktails. Sitting next to four men talking about golf on the train home is not. Although, to be fair they did offer me a mint which was nice but silence would have been nicer. Much much nicer.




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    • andanothertenthings@gmail.com

      Do you think he jsut shaves the little triangle below his neck or went the whole hog? Where does it stop? Are his shoulders now bald? I feel like this was the real issue on the day.

  1. If I were a Dave, I would totally sex traffic that wobbly tummy of yours but not until you’d made me the don of all bacon sarnies. Um, I meant the above as a compliment but on second reading it sounds a little menacing. Sorry Suzanne’s mum. Loved sharing many of these ten with you x

  2. Haha, I’m just gutted that I didn’t find any sweets. NO sweets at all. Wtf. Your mum and my dad have the same thing about worrying about unlikely situations! And Fran is awesome. I think you and I met very briefly and it was lovely to do so.

    • andanothertenthings@gmail.com

      I like to think Aveeno phoned Dove up and Dove were like ‘yeah yeah, we’re just putting in a small sample too.’ And then Dove laughed and laughed.

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