US Presidential Election: Send in the Clowns

This isn’t the post I wanted to write today. I’ve started a post with this sentence before but today it’s for a much bigger and more alarming reason. Donald Trump is US President.

I remember on 24 June being woken by my alarm with the words “we can confirm the UK has voted to leave the EU”. It’s fair to say I was devastated. So last night I touched wood, crossed fingers and hoped against hope that the news that woke me up today would be declaring Hilary Clinton President. Well that worked out well.

All day a knot of anxiety has been sat deep in my chest.  And all day I’ve wanted to write something, to say something about a turn of events I thought I’d never write about. But I couldn’t. I wanted to say so much but had so little eloquence, so little concentration and, if I’m being totally honest, so little understanding of what it does and will mean. So instead I’ll do what I, self-proclaim, I do best and that’s write a list of ten. A list of the things I wanted to write today:

  1. About the time the Child, a few weeks ago, heard Hilary Clinton speaking on the radio and asked who she was. When I explained she might be the next US President, the Child looked at me, smiled and said “Oh good. She must be very clever.”

2. The feeling that I want to do something. I really want to do something. But I don’t know what or how or with who.

3. How I noticed the number of women Trump thanked in his speech aside from the usual mother, wife, daughters roll-call. How had they justified the allegations and his bragging admission of sexually assaulting women, the disgusting language he uses to talk about women and his general lack of disregard for anyone without a pendulous penis dangling between their legs?

4. Fuck. Three hundred times.

5. About the number of perfectly rational, intelligent people who have ‘joked’ about assassinating Trump today.

6. The overwhelming urge to unfollow, defriend and distance myself from anyone that doesn’t share my views, but knowing that creating that bubble won’t change things. It won’t help although it may soothe for a little while.

7. How desperate and helpless people must feel to keep the little (or lot) they have that they’ll take a punt on Trump. How did we get it so wrong?

8. About feeling like I’m living in world where the majority don’t share my ideals or my outlook or my deeply held convictions of what is right.

9. How come multi-millionaire, privileged people across the world can convince the impoverished, the disenfranchised and the hopeless that they are one of them. That they can speak for them.

10. A crass joke about his name meaning fart. USA have literally elected an emission of wind from the anus to become, arguably, the most powerful person in the world.

So I’m sorry I couldn’t write a more insightful, in depth article but I’m feeling a little sick right now. Can I please be excused from the next four years?

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