Ten Proverbs and Idioms for Modern Parenting

Last night, as I read my Penguin Dicitionary of English Idioms in between roasting a suckling pig and sewing a sampler*, I realised that whilst they were all well and good for normal everyday life they didn’t offer much advice for the modern parent. So I’ve taken it upon myself to update my favourite ten idioms and proverbs, may they guide you through this lark we call parenting starting with a little poem…


Monday’s child has snot on his face
Tuesday’s child was conceived in haste
Wednesday’s child is full of Play-doh
Thursday’s child will eat really slow
Friday’s child is whining and screaming
Saturday’s child’s bum needs cleaning
But the child who was born on the Sabbath day
Is grumpy and tired and won’t quietly play

2. When it rains, you’re going to soft play


Modern parenting proverb - if its not broke dont fix it


Modern parenting proverb - chocolate bribery

5. A journey of a thousand steps start with a toddler on a scooter whining


Modern parenting proverb - tantrums speak

7. Look before you leap into buying musical toys


Modern parenting proverb - the pen is mighty

9. You can lead a toddler to the toilet but you can’t make her poo


Modern Parenting Proverb Book cover

*this scene may have been created for entertainment purposes

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