To Johnny H, From Women – We’re Sorry

Last week my fellow Tribster and blogging mate Island Living 365 received a comment on her post about Ched Evan’s trial. Johnny H seemed to have an aversion to the post’s open and honest discussion of the case and the implications for other women. But I won’t steal Johnny of his right to express his views so here is a snippet of what he wrote:

“So to all the female sanctimonious ‘bleeding heart liberals’ feeling sorry for her, it’s time to take a reality check and accept that you can’t have it both ways. If you really want respect in society, then you’ve got to earn it. Just spare us all the hypocritical ‘I was treated like meat’ nonsense every time you decide to act like a total slut and don’t like the outcome. You know what they say……’if you can’t handle the heat then it’s probably best that you stay out of the kitchen!’

Put simply, perhaps it’s time to put more effort into keeping your options open and your legs shut!”

At first I was taken aback by this comment but then I realised that actually, it really was all our fault. Johnny H was the victim; confused by our words and actions. When I think about it, women everywhere owe Johnny H and those like him an apology. So here it is. On behalf of all women, because you know when one woman speaks they speak for us all, our apology to you:

We’re sorry

For having sex before and enjoying it and wanting more.

For being sluts and prick teases and frigid in the same night. Same hour. Same breath.

For having sex with you or him or her last night but not tonight. No. Not tonight.

We’re sorry

For being bad role models. Wearing too much make-up, having cosmetic surgery and dieting.

For looking different in the morning. Looking our age.

For wearing short skirts and low cut-tops. Jogging bottoms and a polo neck jumper. Distracting you with our cheapness or denying you our curves.

For being too fat. Too thin. Too tall. Too short. Too loud. Too shy. Too whatever you dislike in our fairer sex.

We’re sorry

For wanting marriage and children and careers. Or not. Wanting it all. Or not. For changing our mind about what we want. Or not.

For challenging and complaining and never being satisfied with our lot. Being too brash and bossy and unadorably, unashamedly unpicking the status-quo.

We’re sorry

For not being sorry. Ever again.

I hope you can forgive us.

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