Ten Reasons Autumn is Awesome

As hard as it may be to believe from this blog I’m actually a glass half full kind of person (half full of gin *guffaw*). So, whilst I do love the summer – long sunny days, eating ice-creams on the beach and dicking around in the garden – I can’t help but greet autumn with a frisson of excitement at the general loveliness of it all. If you don’t share my joie to autumn vivre and  are greeting the changing of the season with a little dread, let me introduce you to ten reasons why autumn rocks…

1. Wild Nights
Not like that you saucy minx. I mean there is something special about lying bed listening to the wind howling and the rain battering against the window when you can snuggle deeper under you 15 tog duvet.

2. Stress-free sunshine
Unfortunately the child has taken after me in the skin department, which basically means we just have to see that summer sun and we burst into flames. But in autumn we can exist outdoors in the sunshine without worrying about sunstroke and skin cancer.

3. No People
We live by the seaside and whilst the summer is lovely it does mean everywhere is full of people. Come the autumn and all the fair-weather dog walkers and beach seekers fuck right off and we can let the dog off the lead again without worrying he’ll eat someone’s picnic or disturb teenagers canoodling in the dunes.

4. Television
For once I’m not talking about CBeebies but the adult kind (if you read that as porn you should be ashamed/ on another website). GBBO, Poldark, Cold Feet, Black Mirror, The Apprentice, Location Location Location – all my faves are back in autumn and there’s nothing better than spending quality time with your other half, sat at opposite ends of the sofa in silence watching some awesome/ slightly shit TV.

5. Dark Nights
To accompany some first rate television are the increasingly dark nights meaning it is absolutely one hundred percent ok to put your pyjamas on at 6pm.

6. Food
You can eat your body weight in stodge and sugar and no one can judge you for it. And if they do, they’re wrong. Sick and wrong.

Stodge – macaroni cheese with bacon and more cheese on. A billion calaories but it’s autumn so who’s counting?

7. Drink
Now I know there’s pretty much nothing better than you’re usual alcoholic tipple warmed up (mulled wine, spiced cider, winter Pimms punch) but in our house autumn is all about the hot chocolate usually with marshmallows and a chocolate biscuit dunked in for good measure.

8. Clothes
I like to show my bare lower calf and elbow as much as the next person but there’s nothing like a tighted thigh and a chunky knit to get my heart racing. Throw in a winter coat and a bobble hat and I’m in synthetic wool heaven.


9. Crafting
Whilst my summer crafting is on the shit side of mediocre, the prospect of spending a wet autumn day indoors with a toddler really puts me in the zone. I leaf-print, pine-cone paint and cotton wool snowman the shit out of life all the way to Christmas. If your house isn’t covered in glitter by December then you’re just not trying hard enough.

There I’ve said it and the quadruple exclamation marks should be a clear sign that I fricking LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas (yep I’m one of those people) and when autumn swings round my Christmas countdown well and truly starts (publicly I mean, in my head it starts around May). I’m finally allowed to switch our Welsh cakes for mince pies and search the internet for Christmas jumpers. Ho ho ho Merry Autumn.

And now to really get you in the autumn mood, here’s my favourite autumn hymn. All together now:

Mouse Moo Me Too
3 Little Buttons
Life Love and Dirty Dishes

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  1. Couldn’t agree more fervently on each of the above. I think we’re kindred spirits. I love Bonfire and Firework night and have foolishly booked myself in for a Dentist’s appointment on Nov 5th. But will be treating myself afterwards. Christmas….bring it on! #Chucklemums

  2. min1980

    OMG I now have Autumn Days in my head. What a tune. I love Autumn too-esp the Xmas bit and yes, it totally has the best TV. The only thing on this list that’s not for me is crafting. I’ve never tried it to be honest. #chucklemums

  3. Well, we’re going to have to talk about this. I’m not as keen, and I’m sorry to announce that I HATE Christmas. However, I do love stodge and that Mac’n’Cheese looks pretty epic, so make me that and we’ll discuss. Thanks for linking to #Chucklemums!

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