50 Shades of S**t

Six months ago the Child, whilst at a cafe, suddenly announced she needed a poo. We took her to the toilet and she did a poo. It was a high-five moment and a sign she was obviously ready to potty train. We were smug. We had waited until she was ready and boom she just did it on her own. Fastforward to now and that is one of only two poos she has ever done in the toilet. We’ve had many failed potty training attempts – we’ve tried the naked in the house technique, the straight-to-toilet technique, the bribe them with chocolate technique. You name it we’ve tried and we still can’t get rid of the SODDING nappies.

But this time, THIS time we were going to crack it. I had a week off with the Child, I was battle-ready and I was determined we were going to sort this shit out. Literally. But like all good wars it went decidedly off plan. So here is my potty training diary attempt fifty told in emoji form because sometimes there aren’t enough words to describe this shit.

Day One

Day Two


Day Three

Day Four


Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

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  1. So I take it things are going well?! We are staring down the barrell of potty training – I just can’t face it any time soon, it sounds like a total nightmare! My son is shownig zero signs of being ready, but time is ticking on, and soon we are going to have to start whether he’s shown signs or not! Your poor feet! (Enjoy the wine!) Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. Oh bless you. I hated potty training with a passion! I took a week off work coming up for a year ago and we cracked it for two weeks until he regressed ( for wees anyway). Then between Christmas and New Year he decided he didn’t want to wear pull up pants anymore and that was it. Give and take a few accidents we cracked it. I wrote a post on it if you care to read. To summarise, don’t panic and don’t stress yourself about it, they really will do it when they’re ready. #BloggerClubUK http://jakijellz.com/family-parenting/toilet-training-tales/

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