My Favourite Things – Challenge Accepted (Part 1)

I love a good challenge and as this week is my two month blog-iversary I thought I would take part in my first blog challenge. And where better to start than with Mumzilla’s ‘5 of my favourite things’ challenge? Now as anyone who has read this blog over the last two months knows, my heart lies with lists of ten so I’m going to attempt this challenge in two parts just in case the internet dissolves into a black hole if I don’t eventually reach number 10 (as in a list of ten things not 10 Downing Street, no one wants that).

For this first part I’ve chosen to use my bedroom (oh la la) because, well, I just happen to be sitting in it right now.

My first thing is a print we bought when we were on holiday in Cornwall in 2012.

Beach Painting

When I was a teenager I was on holiday in Southwold and we randomly visited a friend of friend’s house for a cup of tea. They were a young couple with a small baby and I remember thinking, as the unhappy teenager I was, that was what I wanted when I grew up  – to live in a cottage by the sea with a family and now I do! So, whilst this picture is of a completely different coastline (it’s St Ives and we live by Crosby Beach in Merseyside) it reminds me, when I’m feeling a bit sad or anxious or overwhelmed, of my teenage self and how pleased she would be knowing where I ended up living and who I share it with.

My second item is my lovely window box. Now aside from the crummy state of my window sill (really who can be bothered to clean everywhere) I love looking at these flowers.

Window Box

I should probably point out that the kind man who lives opposite us planted these for us after watching me fail to keep anything alive for the last three years (aside from a child, which I’d say was a more important achievement).

This next photo actually shows two of my favourite things – my cat Willow and the floor.

Cat floor

Now I’m not an idiot, I know the floor is not actually a Pinterest worthy example of a beautiful stripped wooden floor and is in dire need of a good clean (isn’t it enough I manage to keep myself relatively clean?) but I remember all the nights I paced this floor when the Child was a baby. Our house was built in 1889 and I used to think about all the other women who would have paced the same floor with their babies (it was either think about that or why the damn baby wouldn’t go to sleep even with Ewan The Sheep sellotaped to her head). It gave me a sense of solidarity and comfort on those never-ending winter nights.

As for Willow, well what can I say aside from, like all the best cats, she is beautiful and completely and unashamedly 100% pure evil.

If I’m being completely honest my final favourite thing in my bedroom would be my bed but I need to keep some privacy, plus I’d have to make it to take a photo (look I don’t make my bed or clean the window sills and floors properly. Sue me.). So instead I’ve chosen the photos that hang opposite my bed.

Photo Board

Obviously it’s a total child-fest but I just love looking at the photos of her as a bubba. The Child also loves looking at them and making me recount the days they were taken. The idea originally was that I would change the photos regularly but these still make me smile.

So those were my first five favourite* things, the second installment will be coming soon (spoiler it’s going to be food related). If you fancy taking on the challenge click on the badge below and have a go.



*OMG I am beyond annoyed that WordPress keeps underlining ‘favourite’ as a spelling mistake. It has a ‘u’ in it you patronising piece of red-lined shit. And now’s it’s underlined ‘patronising’ because I’ve used an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’. When will this horror end?

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  1. I love your honesty. I really enjoyed reading about the print and what it meant to you. How nice that you managed to fulfilled the dream of leaving near the sea in a cottage with your family. This was lovely. I would love to leave in front of the sea. I missed that a lot. My parents leave in front of the sea and the view is beautiful. Love to hearing the sound of the waves when I’m in bed and waking up. It is the best feeling ever. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is very nice to have you for the first time. Hope you like it, 🙂 x

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