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It seems that the news over the last few weeks has been all consuming in its disappointment, unfairness and tragedy; often showcasing the very worst in humanity in both words and actions. At times it’s been difficult to not drown in this fug of vileness and now the EU referendum result has been thrown into the mix (I’m sorry I can’t remain a-political about this, I’m completely and utterly devo about it) I have what seems like a permanent heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. But I’ve begun to notice that a growing number of people are reacting to all this, not with declarations of despair but by finding renewed joy in the small things, the things that make our lives, our lives. So in this spirit of positivity I have chosen ten photos that have made me smile this week.They’re not always the best photos, usually too dark and nearly always blurry but I’m hoping by grasping onto the small things the happiness floats.

Fairy Garden
During a family walk through Martin Mere Wood, the Husband and I were facing the usual barrage of questions that ensue as soon as a toddler wakes in the morning. About halfway round she pointed to this scene and asked ‘what’s that?’

20160612_134312_resized (1)

In a half-arsed attempt to bring some interest to a dull, NEVER-ENDING conversation formed mainly of requests to lick things (I mean honestly wtf is that about?), I answered ‘it’s where the fairies have had a party’. The Child was gobsmacked and jabbered in awe about fairy parties for the rest of the day. I even catch her some nights (when she SHOULD be asleep dammit) talking to her cuddly toys about fairy parties. It makes me happy to think this throwaway line has sparked a whole imaginative world for her that I hope lasts for many years to come.

I mean obviously when I bake with the Child we usually make sugar-free, non-processed, raw vegetable something-or-other. But sometimes all you want to do is buy a 97p Frozen cupcake mix from Home Bargains and eat icing out of the bowl until you feel sick. So we did and it was awesome.


Google Garage
In an attempt to learn more about this blogging malarkey I had a free 1-2-1 session with Google Garage about search engine optimisation. I picked up some great tips (which I’m desperately trying not to forget before I have time to action them in about 15 years time) and am now seriously considering self-hosting. A lunch hour well spent I’d say.


Awesome plan
This is a plan for a talk I’m doing at a work related conference in a couple of weeks and it could only be improved by some severe colour-coding with multiple highlighters. If you’re not intrigued by a talk that contains ‘biblical Gandalf’ and Liquorice Allsorts then I’m sorry we can never ever be friends. Keep reading my blog though, yeh?


I’m really rubbish at taking photos. Mainly because the camera on my phone is crap and I’ve got shaky shaky hands but sometimes I completely by accident manage to master that blurry background, focused foreground shizzle. This is one of those times and it makes me happy.


Father’s  Day
What’s not to love about watching the Husband and the Child play chase whilst I snooze in a deck chair?


Kitchen tiles

We’ve been without kitchen tiles for a few months after blowing all our tiling money on a holiday in Canada. But now we’re tiled to the max baby and it looks a-mayo-nazing*. It feels so grown-up to buy a new kitchen and even more grown-up to put it on a credit card and think ‘I’ll worry about that next month’.


Wedding  Joy
A few weeks ago we went to y sister-in-law’s wedding. The Child got to wear a princess dress and gold shoes, eat lots or sweets and dance the night away with family, strangers, the neighbour’s dog – she had the best night of her life. It was taken by the awesome Shauna Ryall and sums up the pure unadulterated joy the Child experienced that day, which was made even better by the general loveliness of everyone who indulged her need to be span round by her arms when they just wanted to continue getting pissed.

blog .jpg

The Queen
Sooo, I kind of met the Queen this week. I say kind of because I didn’t actually meet her but she did walk really close by me. I should probably say at this stage that I’m not actually much of a Royalist, in fact I swing more the other way but there was something so nice about hundreds of adults being united in excitement to watch an old woman feign interest in a metal sculpture of a horse’s head whilst wearing a rather nice hat.



The Child fell over on her way into nursery and before the Husband could get to her, her BFF since Baby Room had picked her up, grabbed her hand and skipped with her through the nursery gate. The Child won’t go far wrong with friends like that.


What about your week? Can you take on the challenge and find ten photos that made you smile? Incidentally if anyone can recommend a good camera please do as I’d like at least a few photos of the Child that don’t look like I’ve smeared Vaseline on the lens.


*I may have lost my mind writing this blog. Soz abar that**.
** Seriously totally lost my mind

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  1. This is lovely. I love your response to such utter rubbish news lately (Mother is devo too) with these fab pics. So nice to see such happy. positive images, especially the one at the wedding (your sis-in-law’s dress reminds Mother of her own – gorge)x #puddinglove

  2. Ah this is nice, it is important at the moment to think of the positive things in life (I am trying to have a few days off FB at the moment as I cant cope with all the negativity, we are also devo over here 🙁 )
    Love the cake – my friend has also made cakes with the home bargains mix, he he
    Ooh, and the Fairy party – you should have a look at my latest post about making your own fairy gate! x
    Keep focussing on the nice things 🙂 It might just get us through x

  3. what a good idea! its much nicer to see the happy positive things in life I agree! Cute story about the fairies and her friend picking your daughter up when she fell over *Aww* – I’m off too look through my photos, although mine aren’t very good or recent! must take more! #chucklemums

  4. Ooo I love those kitchen tiles!! Gorgeous wedding photo too. The Google session sounds fab how did you come by that? I could do with all the help going! I really like the idea around finding photos that make you smile, I’ve been in the same fug recently too. Thanks for joining us at #bloggerclubuk hope to see you again this week x

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